Samsung Has Created a Robot That Can Do Your Dishes and Pour You a Glass of Wine

The comedian Bill Burr’s worst nightmare is about to come true. The robots are going to get better and better, and eventually, we would never need a partner for ourselves.

Would you like such a hypothetical day in the future?

Well, nobody can argue with the fact that it is absolutely imperative to be a financially independent and self-sustaining individual in today’s highly competitive world. But it isn’t necessary that everyone will decline a little help in their journey. If you ask a woman whether she can pour herself a glass of wine, she would most definitely say yes, but she would also most definitely admire someone else (or should I rather say something else) pouring her a glass of wine.

Please understand that the lady needs a bit of courtesy.

And to solve at least some of women’s modern day problems, Samsung has created a device. The latest creation of Samsung can be your best buddy, or shall I call it your favorite partner at your home.

The technology colossus, mostly renowned for making smartphones and watches, has invented at least three smart and human catering robots that employ artificial intelligence to do some fundamental household tasks, and one of them is getting you a glass of your favorite drink after you come back home from work.

Though the task it will perform will be menial, but the robot can help you. Can’t it?

The President and Head of Samsung Research Sebastian Seung has revealed in a statement that in spite of many things being a priority in your life, the significance of your home has only increased over the years. He added an idea of having your house and the technologies you have inside, further easing out your stress.

It has been revealed that Samsung has created three such robots that can help you ease out your stress at your home. What is interesting is the fact all the three robots perform specific tasks. A robot designated by Samsung as JetBot 90 AL+ has an embedded vacuum cleaner powered with 3D sensors and LiDAR technology, which can enable it to zoom around the house and look for things lying around and keep them at the right place without breaking your expensive things. JetBot’s AI-powered companion Bot Care makes an analysis of your mannerisms and then makes a decision to aid you in your tasks.

Last but not least, the third robot designated as Bot Handy can help you with your glass of wine, your laundry, and even your daily dishes.

Sebastian Seung said in his statement that Bot Handy employs all the tricks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize and understand objects. For example, Bot Handy would know whether the object it is holding is a ceramic plate or a cup based on the calculations of its shape and size, which it figures out by using Artificial Intelligence concept. Seung added that the robot had been designed in a way that it works as your most valuable partner. He further stated that Bot Handy could move around the house and clean it up or set the table or keep groceries at the designated place.

He sounded pretty upbeat with the claim that Bot Handy will be a game-changer in defining how a robot at home must operate.

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