Top 5 Ways to Fix Google Home issue when Google Assistant Is Unable to Understand

Google Home is undoubtedly the best smart speaker device. The way it hears the commands and completes its task like playing music, scheduling meetings, asking anything and many more things. After the recent update, Google Home got a lot better, but there is still a common issue that users are still facing. The communication issue doesn’t always happen, but whenever it happens, it really frustrates the user because they have to repeat everything once again to let the device understand properly.

People who use multiple Google Home speakers in their house, some of them have seen that sometimes when they command something to the nearest speaker, it doesn’t respond but the other one in the other room does. Sometimes while being so close to the Google Home speaker, it ignores the command or says, “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

So if this type of issue happens again, users should keep a few things in mind to resolve the communication issue and make the Google Home properly work again.

Do Some Changes on Sensitivity

When the nearest Google Home speaker ignores and another one in the second room tries to hear the command, this really frustrates the user, but there’s a major issue behind this. This type of issue happens when they speak out the command like “turn on the lights” and similar to this one. To resolve this issue, open Google Home application and go into the Sensitivity section.

  • Open Google Home application and click on the device icon for the speaker.
  • Click on the gear icon, and slide down to the Device features option.
  • Click Audio.
  • Press “Hey Google” sensitivity.
  • Now take the slider higher to let Google Home hear even your lower voice clearly.

Try This When Google Home Says, ‘I Don’t Understand’

When Google Home responds with I don’t understand, it means the speaker has heard the user’s voice but doesn’t know what to do or respond back. The changes of Google Home didn’t catch the command properly are also high, so speak out the same command once again and check the response. Every user should know that there are some tasks that Google Home just can’t do.

When Google Home Doesn’t Know Its Name, Do This

The only thing that Google Home can understand easily is its name. Most of the time, Google Home misunderstood when a user asked to do something or move something. Now in order to solve this issue, users should do a simple thing, which is changing its name. The name of Google Home must be in small letters. Once the name is changed, speak out the command using its name.

Set a Different Name of All Similar Gadgets

When there are multiple similar gadgets, it becomes difficult for Google Home to keep track of each of them. Majority of users face the same problem and this is really frustrating. So the basic thing every user should do is set a unique name of similar gadgets. Users should set the name of gadgets based on their physical attributes, area or surrounding.

Keep Google Home Clean

Google Home is unable to understand properly could happen when the surrounding of the speaker is dirty. So make sure to clean the speaker properly so it hears whatever the user is saying. The mic area of Google Home speaker must be cleaned. Once the cleaning is finished, speak out some general commands and see what happens.


Google Home can be used with many things, but working out with Google assistant is one of the most preferred features of it. To make things easier with Google Home, users should set different names for similar types of gadgets.

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