Features And Bug Issues With The Latest Apple Podcasts App Update

Apple recently got updated with iOS 14.5, and with that, so many apps got updated. The Apple Podcasts app too got a significant update. Users will be able to explore channels that include unique titles and descriptions. They will be able to browse free channels, making it easy for them to find their favorite creators, paid channels, and more benefits for the subscriber. With the updation of iOS 14, significant changes occur to the iPhone, including the new Apple Podcasts app. Still, despite redesigning the Podcasts app, the update seems to have kept many lingering bugs. Many users are complaining about the present struggling situation of Apple’s Podcast.

Users facing bugs & issues

  • Apple’s Podcast is downloading hours of unwanted episodes
  • Issues with syncing
  • Skipping playback
  • Inaccurate timestamps
  • Skewed UI element
  • Unresponsive scrolling
  • Crashing and long library load time

Such issues are being raised by the users. Even users expected that the new iOS 14.5 would put an end to these problems, but the update seems to have included a wide range of crippling new issues for some users.

A new iOS 14.5 seems to created a new problem for the users with the removal of most of the features to bring it down. It is all related to apple’s thought system of following podcasts, which has replaced subscribing and adding episodes to the library. Since you can no longer add an individual podcast to your library, even you cannot remove the episodes from the library. There exists greater confusion among the users about how to remove or delete the thousands of newly-added episodes.

Some users also complained about hundreds of old episodes added to their devices with the usage of massive mobile data. The best way to use the Podcast for affected users is to manually mark every unplayed episode to play one by one. It’s somehow frustrating to the users facing such problems that need to be fixed. Some users also reported that their Podcasts are now virtually defunct, and other reports added that the users are unable to find the unplayed episode.

There is a number of newly-reported problems that join the pre-existing spate of bugs, such as crashing and long load times. Even some of the users complain about the unresponsive scrolling, and some users face a problem when playing back downloaded Podcast it frequently skips. Syncing issues hit the most, and even the update couldn’t fix it and made it worse. As per the reports from thousands of users across Twitter and Reddit points out long-standing bugs within the app persists.

It’s very much unclear when Apple will fix these bugs and will address them to the users. We hope these countless complaints about the Podcasts app on various social media platforms soon get fixed.

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