Here’s How You Can Enable Caps Lock Key on a Chromebook

Caps Lock is one of the most common keys that you can find on most computers like Windows and Mac, and anyone can quickly turn it on and use this key. And when it comes to Chromebooks, they might look like an average computer, but they are actually different in a lot of ways. ChromebookContinue reading “Here’s How You Can Enable Caps Lock Key on a Chromebook”

Gears of War 4 Black Screen Issues on PC: Here Are The Fixes

Gears of War 4 is one of the most popular shooter video games all over the world given by The Coalition. This game is compatible with Windows and Xbox One platforms. However, some gamers are complaining about this game. They said when they try to play this game, and suddenly the black screen comes outContinue reading “Gears of War 4 Black Screen Issues on PC: Here Are The Fixes”

How to Fix 0x80073d13 error on Xbox Game Pass?

Several gamers subscribe to video game services to get access to thousands of titles. A famous video game subscription is Xbox Game Pass by Microsoft. You can play the games on Windows 10 system with the Xbox One console. However, some gamers complained that they face the Xbox error code 0x80073d13 when they install some games.Continue reading “How to Fix 0x80073d13 error on Xbox Game Pass?”

Google Chrome NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED: How to Fix It?

If you are getting the NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED error on your system while using the Chrome browser, perform the steps provided on this page to fix it. You should get rid of this issue as soon as possible to improve your internet browsing experience and surf the internet without any problems. Many users who report this issueContinue reading “Google Chrome NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED: How to Fix It?”

Google Maps is Receiving Several Artificially Intelligent Features

Google is improving its maps application with some innovative AI-powered features. Recently it gained the Indoor Live View functionality, which uses AI technology to help you navigate throughout Indoor places, such as airports, shopping malls, train stations, and all. This feature works using Google Maps Street View’s visual images. It can help you find aContinue reading “Google Maps is Receiving Several Artificially Intelligent Features”

How to Fix AirPods Microphone Not Working Issue

Are you unable to use your AirPods microphone? If you have any issue with your AirPods microphone, then you have arrived on the right website to troubleshoot the issue. We can help you fix your AirPods microphone when it doesn’t work. All you have to do is keep reading this article, and we’ll show youContinue reading “How to Fix AirPods Microphone Not Working Issue”

How to Fix a Slow Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is an excellent product to own as it enhances your productivity and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Millions of people use this product to stay healthy and focused in their lives. This gadget is ultimately amongst the best wearables you can get. Apple watches can work for a long duration, but when they becomeContinue reading “How to Fix a Slow Apple Watch?”

A Guide To Use Do Not Disturb Mode On Android Phones

You often find yourself involved in unnecessary notifications or spam emails in the middle of the night that interrupts your sleep pattern and make you feel unhealthy. That is why it is essential to use Do Not Disturb mode, a feature that helps you manage your smartphone smartly. Don’t let any tech device dominate you,Continue reading “A Guide To Use Do Not Disturb Mode On Android Phones”

Difference Between Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E: Future of Connectivity

The latest generation of Wi-Fi has been around for a little bit recently, which is 6 & 6E. If you want to talk about technical terms, then the Wi-Fi 6 is called 802.11ax. The latest technology, Wi-Fi 6E, is not quite famous yet. It is why some of you might have never heard about it.Continue reading “Difference Between Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E: Future of Connectivity”

Here’s How One Can Make Folders on Spotify to Manage Playlists

We all love to play our favorite songs, and for that, we use different music streaming services on our devices. Well, there are various great music streaming services, and undoubtedly, Spotify is the most popular and widely used service among all others. It has always been one of the most favorite music streaming apps amongContinue reading “Here’s How One Can Make Folders on Spotify to Manage Playlists”

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