Google Maps is Receiving Several Artificially Intelligent Features

Google is improving its maps application with some innovative AI-powered features. Recently it gained the Indoor Live View functionality, which uses AI technology to help you navigate throughout Indoor places, such as airports, shopping malls, train stations, and all. This feature works using Google Maps Street View’s visual images. It can help you find aContinue reading “Google Maps is Receiving Several Artificially Intelligent Features”

Here’s How One Can Make Folders on Spotify to Manage Playlists

We all love to play our favorite songs, and for that, we use different music streaming services on our devices. Well, there are various great music streaming services, and undoubtedly, Spotify is the most popular and widely used service among all others. It has always been one of the most favorite music streaming apps amongContinue reading “Here’s How One Can Make Folders on Spotify to Manage Playlists”


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