AirPods Are Not Visible On Apple’s Find My Map: Here’s Why

Apple’s Find My app is incredible for locating misplaced or lost devices, including your AirPods. But, these earbuds have limited tracking abilities. Apple’s Find My app offers a great way to search for your misplaced or lost devices. But, sometimes, it may happen that an Apple does not appear on the map. It is particularlyContinue reading “AirPods Are Not Visible On Apple’s Find My Map: Here’s Why”

Discord Old Logo Vs. New: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Discord has recently updated its log design in the celebration of its sixth birthday. Here’ why and how Discord changed it. Discord is a free video, text, and voice app, and last month, it celebrated its sixth birthday. Discord celebrated its birthday by changing its logo. Amidst this, the popular communication app has much moreContinue reading “Discord Old Logo Vs. New: Here’s Everything You Need To Know”

Apple’s ‘Hide MY Email’: Here’s How It Works

Hide My Email is an upcoming feature related to users’ privacy designed by Apple. The upcoming privacy feature will help users to keep their original email addresses safe and secure. Apple is going to offer a new privacy feature, i.e., Hide My Email. The tech giant will offer this exciting feature with upcoming iPadOS15, macOSContinue reading “Apple’s ‘Hide MY Email’: Here’s How It Works”

Another Scientist Has Warned Against the Research of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life

We shouldn’t be searching for intelligent life elsewhere. Or at least that’s what the former editor of science journal magazine “Nature” thinks.  A scientist with a specialization in Physics has opinionated against the research of intelligent extraterrestrial life. He has chipped with another pessimistic viewpoint that intelligent life residing elsewhere might not have compassionate feelingsContinue reading “Another Scientist Has Warned Against the Research of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life”

Mastercard, Geidea Came Together to Introduce Contactless Payments to Saudi Arabia

Global financial assistance company Mastercard, and Geidea, the giant fintech company in Saudi Arabia by market share, declared earlier this week a strategic team-up agreement in order to accept Mastercard payments using a Tap-on-Phone key in Saudi Arabia. Geidea is the first fintech company to offer contactless payment acceptance technology across the country, which willContinue reading “Mastercard, Geidea Came Together to Introduce Contactless Payments to Saudi Arabia”

The Best Cameras for Vlogging 2021

Video blogging or simply vlogging is a way to record and share your life and interests with your fans or folks, potentially generating money while you do it. Start from cooking vlogs to travel, from makeup to hair care, from pugs to parrots, whatever you’re into, possibilities are unlimited. YouTube is one of the mostContinue reading “The Best Cameras for Vlogging 2021”

MagSafe PopGrips are Here: Let’s Check If They Stick

It’s the major question with the adhesive iPhone PopSockets MagSafe PopGrips are now available, post the popular phone handle company announced they would be launching in January. The PopSocket for MagSafe costs $30, which is three times more costly than the magnetic versions, but the major question that people have been asking since the announcement isContinue reading “MagSafe PopGrips are Here: Let’s Check If They Stick”

Here’s How You Can Try Google Gmail’s New Integrated Chat Feature!

After launching it as a feature only for the Google Workspace users in July last year, Google is now going to expand the ability to read Chat messages directly from Gmail to more iOS and Android users. But remember that it’s still in its beta phase, so getting access to it may require some effort, and depending onContinue reading “Here’s How You Can Try Google Gmail’s New Integrated Chat Feature!”


With its new initiative, Google on ‘World Password Day’ announced that its users will now automatically be enrolled in a two-step verification by default. This security step comes as a very significant and essential step towards a more secure online experience for its users, and it will undoubtedly help the safeguarding of the accounts and what’s inContinue reading “GOOGLE IS MAKING YOUR GMAIL SAFER AND MORE SECURE”

Top Performing Gaming Desktops of 2021

We recognize that this is a significant investment, but trust us when we say that it will pay off in more ways than one. Sure, shooting through hordes of enemies at ultra-high frame rates and resolutions is excellent, but your gaming gear can also be used for graphic design, animation, or simply watching movies andContinue reading “Top Performing Gaming Desktops of 2021”

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